Wednesday, May 5, 2010

08 - The End

The end of this semester came quickly. It was a bitter sweet one filled with revelations, disappointments and encouragements. I a lot was learned from this unique step into creativity. I learned more about artists and more about how real they are. It's strange standing in front of someone that you are, not only interviewing yourself, but also studying about in the classroom.

I will be continuing this path of commentary-free documentary next semester. The topic of how much of it will be of artists is in the air though. I'm not sure weather or not I will try some other people or stories that I am personally interested in but building a better portfolio while, at the same time, getting my work into an educational institution is quite the achievement.

For the time being however, I need to work on more practical skills like making a respectable resumé.

Till Next Time...

Nurture Boy

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